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DOTS presented at an event organized by Rocheston REINVENT-2018 for the session ‘Automation and Connected Technology’: Automation and AI are overwhelmingly identified as big opportunities for businesses. So what exactly are the technological transformations underway in businesses.'

Dubai, 07 Dec, 2018
DOTS presented at an event organized by Rocheston REINVENT-2018 for the session Automation and Connected Technology

REINVENT series of thought leadership sessions by the US's well known Academic and People Development Institute Rocheston takes place in different parts of the world. These sessions are attended by select keynote speakers who are the Industry leaders in the subject related to the theme chosen for the seminar each year.

After a grand success last year, the second edition of Rocheston’s flagship conference, Reinvent 2018, made a stunning comeback on Dec 7, 2018.Held at Dubai’s SP Jain School of Global Management, the second edition of the technology-themed event focused primarily on the growth of industrial automation in MENA and its impact on AI and robotics, retail, internet of things (IoT), smart cities, automation, e-commerce, business efficiency, and cybersecurity.

Just like the inaugural edition, Reinvent 2018 also attracted a number of heavyweights from all walks of life including corporate big shots, scientists, academics, and startup gurus, among others. Some of the most eminent personalities to have actively participated in the event this year include Dr. Jassim Haji from Gulf Air, Koh Chen Tien from Aerodyne, Anthony Carson AI Scientist, Dheeraj Singh from DOTS Tech Systems, Dr. Christopher Abraham from SP Jain School of Global Management, Prof. Raunaq Dubey from AMITY University, Dubai, Dr. Hichem Maya from SAP, and Jorge Castellote from innoway ME.

“We have crossed a technology tipping point. AI is emerging as the fuel of the technology-intensive age and the IoT is the force our Smart Cities are driven by. Cybersecurity around today’s business enterprises, powered by IoT and machine learning techniques has become critical to protecting us, our data and securing our environments," said Mr HajaMohideen, President & CEO, Rocheston LLC, during his keynote at the event.

He added that Reinvent, by design, aims to provide today’s professionals with “a window to the future of technology in business” so they are able to keep pace with rapidly evolving technologies across virtually all sectors.

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