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DOTS joins hand with US-based Industry leader in Energy Analytics ‎for their Smart Energy Services Program

Dubai, 14 Dec, 2018
DOTS joins hand with US-based Industry leader in Energy Analytics ‎for their Smart Energy Services Program

Leading Automation and Smart City Services company DOTS has taken its Energy Management portfolio to next level by collaborating with US-based Energy Data Analytics giant in a program of technology collaboration.

This collaboration brings together two industry experts to work as a team to enhance experience and benefits of Energy Management program to its clients in the Middle East and other parts of the world.

DOTS core expertise is in making data integration agnostics to makes of the systems to establish a layer of the unified depository. Their counterpart in this program is a leading organization based in the US who is known for their decades of expertise in smart data services ensuring energy savings are realized on the ground reality. Data is analyzed in real-time by Subject Matter Experts using available advance software which helps to manage gap analysis done systematically by processing data.

‘Benefits of IOT services are in achieving tangible savings and enhanced operational efficiencies. This collaboration by both the Technology giants is beneficial for their clients as they join forces to make them succeed in their program of engagements.' Says Dheeraj Singh, CEO, DOTS.

Energy Management is a process of continuous commissioning where every day, every week, every month offers new challenges as operational patterns vary from time to time.

Buildings on an average consumes 50-60% of total energy generated in any country and this makes it a matter of utmost importance to deploy robust technology so that significant savings and optimization can be realized. 80% of the building costs are realized during its operations and only 20% of it is in its constructions. A real-time and continuous process is the need of the hour to do justice with the management of the buildings with operational efficiency.

Significant energy savings are achieved by DOTS services users as their offered solution are based on data and with least Capex requirement to adopt these solutions. Only most crucial systems are replaced and Technology enables existing systems to be ‘controlled’ smartly so that buildings systems offer high returns on assets ‘ROA’.

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