Mobile assets management

Mobile Asset Management in Dubai

Mobile Assets Management

Mobile Assets Fleet managers need help with a range of problems including tracing location, activities of field staff, efficient scheduling, avoiding theft of mobile assets and minimizing down times. Dots Mobile Asset Management application can address these problems through its state-of-the-art solutions using vehicle telemetries for the integration of asset tracking, asset management and real-time alarm monitoring. It includes tools for managing preventive maintenance. Combining GPS and IOT means that these services are enhancing business process and customer experience by providing useful information and actions with respect to mobile assets, e.g. speed limit violations, running parameters, alerts about operators activities, activity analysis and defining geographic zones, etc.

DOTS Services for Mobile Assets are holistic in nature and covers a large spectrum of mobile assets management use cases. DOTS offer aftermarket services solution for manufacturers, distributors, rental companies operating fleet of these mobile assets also. There are services available for different type of mobile assets such as Cars, Buses, Commercial Vehicles, Personal Vehicles, Trucks, Forklifts, Cranes, Industrial Cleaning Machines, Tractors, Telehandlers, Loaders and many more heave earth moving machines. For these mobile assets offered Internet of Things (IoT) solution is fairly detailed and based on model of the machine suitable integration design and solution is offered. Company has good expertise in SAE CAN J1939 and other automotive industry specific protocols.

IoT Applications for Mobile Assets Management:
  • Fleet Management Systems
  • Integrated Heavy Earth Moving Machines
  • Integrated Refrigerated Trucks
  • Integrated Mobile Gensets and other mobile assets
  • Integrated Waste Bins
  • Integrated Commercial Vehicles
  • Integrated Heavy Transportation
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