Smart Energy Services (SES) Program

Smart Energy Services (SES) Program in Dubai

To combat climate change & depleting natural resources by delivering performance-based solutions for infrastructure & energy accountable for environmental & economic outcomes.


To promote internationally accepted policies & regulatory support for use of assured performance-based solutions to implement energy efficiency, renewable energy and infrastructure renewal initiatives


To construct, advocate & ratify the local & global policies, regulations & programs that enhance the role of performance-based solutions in attaining climate change, renewable energy & infrastructural initiatives


United Arab Emirates is a country of ever-changing face of buildings, infrastructure& technologies. Being cognizant & well informed with technology is crucial for domain related government entities, private organizationsto be smart & sustainable enough to implementwherever possible.

Programs like Dubai Integrated Energy Strategy 2030and Demand Side Management Strategy is aligned with the UAE Vision 2021 in realms related to energy and sustainability. Comprising rational use of energy and water, superior indoor environment quality (IEQ), encouraging conversion of waste to energy, clean and renewable energy, water security, sustainable transport and rationalization. By 2030, Dubai Supreme Council of Energy aims to enhance energy efficiency by 30% along with transforming into power generations like renewable, and nuclear from conventional natural gas means.

On the global front, The United Nation’s major goals comprise of affordable, reliable and sustainable access for energy needs and urgent actions on combating the climate change and its impact. The impacts of climate change threaten to undo decades of progress on economic development globally.

Challenges to confront:

The Ministry of Energy on the forefront of the complex situation, has launched and financed a number of energy management initiatives to try & resolve the prevailing challenges faced on local and global platform. Region’s generated energy from fossil fuel is predominantly consumed by HVAC systems along with lighting. U.A.E tops the ranking for Global Ecological Footprint, which illustrates demonstrates the highest human demand on nature. The infrastructure is designed in the most luxurious way, with technologies and oversized systems degrading the environment which has resulted in largest source of GHG emission by human activity.

Who we are?

DOTS is globally renowned, Internet of Things services provider with successful Smart and Connected projects delivered for their 1500+ clients based in different continents worldwide. DOTS is an IOT solutions enabler in several formats of engagement for Government and Enterprise Users. The UAE head quartered company is engaged in design, engineering and implementation of IoT solutions across industry verticals. DOTS specializes converting IOT concepts into deployable solutions in a rapid delivery format. DOTS is passionate to delivery sustainability driven innovative technologies to the world. DOTS is also an accredited ESCO (Energy Services Company) by Dubai RSB

DOTSdesign and engineers its solutions in diversified business interestsglobally and has shown huge interests in emergingmarket, technology & business. Energy servicesofferings of DOTS include building retrofits and implementation ofenergy conservation measures after identifying energysaving opportunities and potential through energyaudits of existing facilities. Offered services also comprise of energy efficiency projectsfinancing and guaranteed savings by managing risks in theimplementation. Offered services Energy Services are integrated with M&V activities and reports to quantifyenergy savings with minimal uncertainty postimplementation of Energy conservation measures.Our certified & experienced professionals survey,identify, design and implement energy efficientsolutions across verticals of industries such as government, manufacturing,telecom, healthcare, retail, logistics, education,airports, buildings, transportation and datacenters to name a few.

We enable the design, engineering andimplementation a number of IOT solutions across industryverticals whererapid delivery of our services ecosystem hasdemonstrated profound impact.

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