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Home Automation System – Foundation of Smart Living

Home Automation System – Foundation of Smart Living

There is hardly any aspect of our life today which is untouched by the ever-changing technology. The everlasting appetite of the technology hungry people is being refined by the unending innovation which has continually made the end customer’s daily life comfortable. Smart Homes Technology is yet another tide which is gradually taking over the globe. The advancement in technology has also made these systems more affordable, secure, and easier to install and use.

Home automation or smart home (also known as demotics or domotica) is the residential extension of building automation and involves the control and automation of lighting, heating, ventilation, air conditioning (HVAC), and security. It also consists the control of home appliances such as washer/dryers, ovens or refrigerators/freezers that can use WiFi for remote monitoring.

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Modern systems generally consist of switches and sensors connected to a central hub called a “gateway” from which the system is controlled with a user interface that is interacted either with a wall-mounted terminal, mobile phone software, tablet computer or a web interface and often but not always via internet cloud services.

Market Value of Home Automation systems will be close to 78.27 Billion USD by 2022 with Lighting controls system expected to grow at highest rate in this period. This whooping Growth requires seamless technologies to match and intelligent controllers, sensors and Home appliances as well.

With home automation systems, you can forever beat the concerns of overly expensive utility bills and stop wondering whether you locked the front door. These high-tech solutions can help make your home into a smart home. In fact, a smart home system can control every light, appliance and compatible peripheral in your home. The services include from:

Control – These devices helps to create schedules, rules and smartphone controls. Common examples are light switches, garage door openers, thermostats and Home access (Doors, windows and Barry Gates). Security – Technology in this category protects your family, belongings and property by monitoring Security breach. Examples are door sensors, motion detectors, smoke detectors, smart locks, security cameras and sirens.

Utilities – Using these devices, you can improve your home’s energy efficiency, which helps you save on gas, electric or water bills. Examples include thermostats, sprinkler controllers, leak detectors and window treatments.

Entertainment – These are audio-video devices and home theater equipment. Universal remotes work with DIY smart homes to control TVs, home audio systems and streaming sticks.

The APAC (Asia Pacific) region is witnessing growth in the number of new residential projects and strengthening of building infrastructure at a significant rate. Moreover, a considerable demand for home automation devices is seen in established and emerging APAC countries such as Japan, South Korea, China, and in Rest of APAC countries as well.

The regions like UAE, where Real Estate market in on a boom, it is very important for the property owners to be with the pace of Technology and providing the best possible conform level to the people. Whether the UAE Nationals or expats, in terms of investing and Home buying, people are smart and choosy to be settle down with normal services. Home Automation has brought an era where properties can be seen remotely and bought with a click of a button as these are equipped with world class automation and value additional features.

Since the Home Automation has entered a phase of Third Generation where all household needs involve equipment’s to be in synch with all dependent’s processes, Automation can be enhanced to interact and respond to occupants need spontaneously.

Companies are rushing to take this engagement to higher level and providing ease of access not only to the corporate world of revenues but to every single person with more control and deciding spectrum for sustainable Environment.

DOTS TECH SYSTEMS, is one of leading organization in this category with technologies and customizable solution. The services offered includes integration of systems following diverse communication protocols and process automation to incorporate services in a unified solution. Company has got right Platform and Team with strategical approach to understand and meet the customer requirements.

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