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DOTS is engaged by one of largest Manufacturer to deliver IOT services under their efficient Factory ‎Automation initiative

Dubai, Mar 03, 2018
DOTS is engaged by one of largest Manufacturer to deliver IOT services under their efficient Factory Automation initiative

Leading IOT services provider DOTS is engaged by one of the largest regional Manufacturing House in the domain of food processing to automate their manufacturing plant based in Al Sharjah by next-generation IOT technology.

This project is delivered at one of largest manufacturing units of UAE in order to integrate various old legacy systems such as compressors, chillers plant, air system and other electromechanical systems to be integrated by modifying their existing data aggregation system to an advanced intelligent system.

During the implementation of this project a unique strategy was adopted so that there was minimum business interruption, as manufacturing plant and associated administration buildings are 24x7 operations in nature. The project was successfully delivered in record low time to meet the expected results out of this exercise.

The factory is now equipped with a scalable central operations management layer with integrated system design. Real-time data, as well as historical data, is processed through a central data analytics platform to prepare routine and ad-hoc reports prepared using processed data.

‘Visibility on health and status of the system is established and features like scheduling thresholds based on the rate of change of parameters, demand control are implemented as a strategy to achieve higher efficiencies and old systems are now working with latest controls logic and sequence.' Says Dheeraj Singh, VEO, DOTS.

DOTS offer a number of solutions for manufacturers for different stages of operations. This range starts from manufacturing at factory level, to goods distribution, to aftermarket services powered by IOT capabilities. DOTS services integrates the distribution chain by offering a number of IOT services options to manufacturers as well to the distribution network of manufactured products.

There is far bigger value possible to be achieved through integrated solutions enabling manufacturers and their distributors get engaged, not only when some trouble is there at the end user’s end but also during the life cycle of supplied machines. Proactive decisions, continuous engagement, real-time support and value-added services while these manufactured machines are in critical operations are offered in form of a range of possible IOT services.

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