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DOTS becomes a major Smart Service provider to deliver Smart Energy Management and Sustainability Services in ‎EMEA

Dubai, Nov 07, 2017
DOTS becomes a major Smart Service provider to deliver Smart Energy Management and Sustainability Services in ‎EMEA

DOTS has emerged as one of leading IOT company in the Middle East to deliver projects with a sincere focus on Sustainability projects using Technology.

Buildings consume 50-70% of total generated energy typically in any part of the world. Some of these buildings consume enough energy that power distribution companies have to set up separate electrical substations to meet the demands of the load for those building’s operations demand.

DOTS has delivered a number of successful projects in the Middle East to ensure Energy Consumption is reduced in the range of 15% - 45% by using diverse applications of IOT.

DOTS Smart Energy Management solution has a unique aspect of being vendor agnostic and irrespective of makes of Building Management Systems (BMS) used in those buildings a seamless smart solution is delivered to those premises.

‘Existing buildings are the target audience of DOTS Smart Energy Management Services and Building Owners and their Operations team can take advantage of available cutting edge yet affordable technology services offered by DOTS. These solutions not only work with existing infrastructure however also bring a Smart Layer of visibility to identify the area of gaps and possible controls to reduce tangible energy consumptions.' Says Dheeraj Singh, CEO, DOTS.

DOTS solution are offered as an end to end solution starting from a ‘no cost –no obligation' energy audit as step-1 to explain the possibilities and methodology before an end user decides on offered services.

DOTS Energy Services are deployed to the desired penetration level based on existing building available automation situation. If a building is fairly new and equipped with updated systems a very light layer is deployed while for a legacy-building if need arising required sensors, smart gateways, middleware and other components are installed to meet the expected results.

DOTS team also delivers a unique model of ‘No IT infrastructure’ and ‘No Capex’ based engagement models also to make such services enablement easier to adopt.

DOTS Smart Energy Services offering makes visible studies and report delivery in real time to analyze Carbon Foot Print reductions achieved post-deployment of services. These services not only deliver tangible operational cost reduction however also support organizations to drive their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) agenda by supporting environment out of reduced carbon footprint.

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